World of Warcraft : New Battlegrounds, the Monk & Talents

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:34:00 Views: 909
Blizzard Entertainment and the World of Warcraft development team are ready to unleash the hounds of information for the recently announced Mists of Pandaria expansion. In a full suite of articles about Pandaria, we give you a closer look at some of the new features that will be included. Check it out before leaving your comments. During my time at Blizzard is HQ in Irvine, California I was treated to quite a metric ton of info when it comes to World of Wacraft is next expansion: Mists of Pandaria. In the first part of our preview today we gave you a look into the mind of Blizzard and why they think Pandaria is the right place to bring back the war between the Horde and Alliance. In this second part, we well dive into the new Battlegrounds, the new dungeons, the Pet Battle system, the Monk, the new Talents, scenarios and Challenge Mode Power Leveling. In short, we well briefly cover all we learned about these new systems coming to Azeroth hopefully later in 2012.