World of Warcraft : New PvP Season Planned Prior to Expac

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:39:22 Views: 857
According to a Twitter post by Blizzard is Brian Holinka, World of Warcraft players can expect a new PvP season to start and finish prior to the launch of the Warlords of Draenor wow power leveling. The good folks at have speculated that, at the earliest, the current season would end in February and a new season towards the end of June. .@Shaee33 @Matteygf we are planning an additional PvP season for mists. Details on end of season rewards, timeline, & new gear to come soon. — Holinka (@holinka) January 7, 2014 The speculation has it that the new PvP season would end and mark the release of WoD. Can we therefore predict the length of season 15? Not really, but we can confidently say it is likely to be over 20 weeks. Bearing in mind that we are 16 weeks into season 14, we may well have another 4+ weeks to go, meaning that season 14 will end at best February 4, so a 20-week duration would put season 15s end on July 1. This would be highly optimistic. (Edit: And as commenters add, the season end has previously marked the pre-patch, not the expansion itself.)