World of Warcraft : Pandaren Monk Impressions

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:29:23 Views: 1112
Blizzard rocked World of Warcraft fans with the expansion announcement for Mists of Pandaria. Most exciting about the news is the arrival of the playable Monk class. is Joe Iuliani had the opportunity to check out the Monk and has a hands on report for our readers. buy Power Leveling. See what Joe thought about the Monk and then weigh in with your thoughts in the comments. If Kung Fu Panda and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon had a child Mists of Pandaria would be the result. In the newly announced expansion from Blizzard, players will experience Pandaria, a long lost continent of Azeroth. As the title suggests, this is the home of the Pandaren: the new playable race in the expansion. By now most readers know that the Pandaren is the race of panda-like humanoids found thoughout the Warcraft mythos. In addition to the introduction to this new race Blizzard has added the new playable class... the Monk.