World of Warcraft : Raid Finder, Void Storage, New Content in 4.3

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:22:43 Views: 1031
4.3 is shaping up to be a massive patch for World of Warcraft. We previously noted that the update will include a Transmogrification system, but there is quite a bit more in store for players in 4.3. Highlights include a new Raid Finder feature, Void Storage; which allows players to store additional items, and a bevy of new content additions. On the topic of Void Storage, Blizzard is Tom Chilton explained to Kotaku that the feature (which allows players to store anywhere from 100-150 additional items) comes at a bit of a technical cost. Wow power level. Items stored in Void Storage will lose their enchantments and gems, as well as the name of the person who crafted it. As Kotaku notes, this is not due to a lore reason, but is due to technical limitations with the game. For content, players can expect three new five player dungeon instances and a new raid that will see players finally take down the big baddie Deathwing himself. 4.3 marks the culmination of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, though Blizzard is working on a new expansion which is not being talked about just yet!