World of Warcraft : Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds Testing

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:22:43 Views: 1296
Nethaera, Community Manager over at BattleNet, posted an interesting piece yesterday on the WoW forums that is not (or Doesnot appear to be, anyway) an April Fool is ruse, about implementing Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds. Read on! As a part of our ongoing development and testing for World of Warcraft, we are introducing same faction Rated Battlegrounds on the PTR. Teams will be able to queue up and face opponents of either faction in head-to-head competition to truly gauge who deserves to be top of the heap. This new functionality of the Rated Battleground matchmaking system is still a work in progress, so we well need your help. cheap wow gold. If you are interested in helping test same faction Rated Battleground queuing and play with (or go head-to-head with) Blizzard employees, just keep an eye on the PTR forum for times and details.