World of Warcraft : Why Knock It?

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:34:23 Views: 870
The mere mention of *whispers* World of Warcraft causes some to immediately begin to sweat, set teeth to chattering and to cause copious amounts of froth to being spewing from oral cavities. Why the hate? Today we feature a new article to examine this particular phenomenon and why exactly it is that *whispers* World of Warcraft causes such high emotion of the negative wow power leveling. Read on and then give vent to your emotions in our comments section. I am not here today to talk about Cyber Creations plans to dominate the world however. I am instead here to analyse a certain bugbear that most of our readership hold dear like a very abused teddy bear. Of course I am talking about World of Warcraft; El Diablo, The MMO That Must Not Be Named, The Anti-Christ, Hell Bitch, World of Poop-Faces, That Dirty Popular One - and finally - World of Warcraft? More like World of Gay Craft. Because that’s totally not offensive.