World of Warcraft : WoW is not the Killer

igsstar Date: May/11/17 16:56:23 Views: 1020
World of Warcraft is a divisive game in the genre with one side saying it is killed innovation, the other its champion. In his latest op-ed, Rob Lashley offers a few thoughts about how both sides have a point. Read on and then head to the battleground in the comments. A couple weeks back a friend of mine sent me a direct message on Twitter and asked that I take a look at Trials of Ascension. Wow power level. ToA is a MMORPG in development that was attempting to get funded on Kickstarter. While ToA has some really interesting ideas I thought the presentation was lacking and did not stack up to the quality of pitches we have seen recently on KickStarter and told my friend I did not think it would get funded. In fact I told him I thought the project would get pulled before they reached the end of their campaign window. It was at this point he told me I had been wrong once before about a Kickstarter and I reminded him that I had to be wrong some of the time otherwise it would not be fair to him. Unfortunately this time I did end up being correct and ToA pulled their campaign before they reached the end of their pledge drive. Forged Chaos, the developers behind ToA, issued a mea culpa to the backers promising more refinement on their project in an attempt to make a comeback in the future. Hopefully they can find a way to make it back.